Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December R.E.A.D. Book Group

R.E.A.D. Book Group was fun and different this month. We met in the little theater in the basement of the library. We displayed a few movies and the books they were based on. Many people who attended were surprised by some of the titles. They didn't realize that they had been books first. They were also thrilled to see that there were movies they weren't aware of based on books that they love.

Many did not realize that Dances with Wolves was first a book. They were anxious to check that one out. They were also delighted to see that some of their favorite Hallmark movies were also based on books.

Everyone agreed that the A&E and BBC film editions of their favorite classics were top on their list of the best books made into movies.

We also displayed some well-loved t.v. series in DVD sets that are based on books. 

A refreshment table was set up so that we could enjoy treats during our movie. 

It gradually became filled with all kinds of holiday goodies.

Everyone brought delicious Christmas treats to share.  The table was soon covered with delights such as divinity

nut brittle

cream puffs


and some yummy brownies.

We had a brief discussion about books being made into movies. We all agreed that the book is always better than the movie because you get so much more information in a book. A favorite among many of those who attended is Shadowlands which stars Anthony Hopkins as C.S. Lewis. 

 Books and movies are very different entities. Films leave little to viewers’ imaginations. When you read, you’re creating your own movie in a sense, and decide the most important parts: how the characters speak, what they look like, and what their surroundings are like. This process of imagining and interpreting as reader is a creative process distinctly different from viewing a film. Film viewing is a passive process distinctly different from reading a book.

We all agreed that it can be very frustrating when those making the movie change a beloved book too much or add scenes and language to "spice" it up. We love those movies that stay true to the books we enjoy. 

 The group started to assemble and get ready to watch 84 Charing Cross Road.
                        We eventually had about 25 people join us for our get-together.

The movie starred Anne Bancroft

Anthony Hopkins

Judi Dench

and Marks & Co. Booksellers, a quaint bookstore in London, England.

For the most part, the movie was enjoyed by everyone. Some found it a little hard to follow in places because the story switches back and forth between England and America but it wasn't a problem for most. A few had read the book first and found that it made the movie even more enjoyable for them.

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